Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Homefront/THQ - What the fuck

Ok, let me set things straight here. Homefront is a mediocre game. It has a average, predictable storyline, average graphics and average gameplay. But for some reason the Multiplayer seems to just drag me in. It's so amusing, fun, and chaotic I just relax and play it for what it is, a game. In Call of Duty I always get pissed for getting killed from behind or missing that one killstreak. In Homefront I just don't get that upset. The multiplayer is that great to me.

But then the brick wall had to come:

What the fuck is this?! "Error creating a Beacon"? I'm pretty tech savvy and I don't understand what the shit this is. According to Homefront's website, it is "a problem largely caused by overcrowded servers and lack of capacity".

Wait, what. What? You made a game knowing that your singleplayer campaign is lacking (though fun), and based this game all on the multiplayer, and you don't have enough servers? Are you fucking dull? If this was a mutliplayer-purpose game and you didn't have enough servers, it's not even enough to say "you're now fucked, THQ." It's beyond that. The party systems doesn't even work worth a shit.

I know some people will say "patches will fix that in the future". Well the game should be completed and working by the time it gets into the consumers hand. Patches are made to stop glitches or random freezing, not to fix something that is supposedly "completed". Holy fuck I use quotations way to much.

tl;dr THQ fix this shit, it should have been ready by the time of release. It's a good game, so dont fuck it up.



  1. T*HQ was notorious in the early/mid 90's as a company that pumped out generic platform games...seems they haven't changed much

    The N64 wrestling games they made were good to begin with, until they pumped out a dozen sequels with cosmetic changes...must use EA Sports business model...

  2. You don't know how long I looked at that photo and was confused by "beacon". Jesus H christ. It sounds like I had better luck playing halo 2 online on a modded xbox.

  3. Seem the whole industry is going for the whole generic shit and whooping out stuff every 12 months no matter how bad it is

  4. Homefront never delivered what it was supposed to

  5. I think I played this once, not sure.

  6. i totally agree op. i raged hard when Black Ops was shooting everything but the target cause they can't code for shit and had to wait 2 months for a patch